Before the start of what we call ‘time’, the reason, the meaning, and the power behind everything that exists were already fully there, and always had been.

God was there from before all beginnings. His Mind is the source of everything that has ever been created. No single thing that exists has any meaning outside of the meaning that God assigns to it.

The Mind of God is so real, so all embracing, that the only way for us to begin to grasp its import is to understand it to be a Person, a Person whose defining characteristic is unlimited and unending life. That life from above suffuses the whole of mankind with its radiant light. The light emanating from that divine Person is so bright and so strong that no amount of darkness or negativity can ever diminish its power.

That Person, Who is both Meaning and Light, came to the place and the people which He Himself had planned long in advance.

The reason, the meaning, and the power behind everything that exists – all of that scaled Himself down to our microscopic level, without losing anything of His own identity.

God’s own self-conscious Mind became human. He made Himself fully human, and pitched His tent in the midst of ours.

Unfortunately, most of the people to whom He came missed the point. He mingled freely among them and spoke openly to them, but mostly they failed to understand.

However, some did. Some people did actually realize Who it was that had come among them. Some of them did grasp His significance and the implications of His Name.

Those who accepted Him became members of His new family, a family not based on geography, or ethnicity, or any purely human characteristic.