Christ’s prediction of the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem was fulfilled in AD70. In our own day and indeed in every generation another of His divine prophecies is also proved true – that His disciples can always expect to suffer persecution and ill-treatment.

When we look at the present state of the Church Christ founded maybe we are sometimes tempted to think that we are living through something like a repetition, mutatis mutandis, of the destruction of our earthly temple.

Given the present turbulence, that is an understandable temptation, but it is to be resisted. We must never forget the Lord’s own promise that He will always be with His bride the Church, to guide and protect her. Only by His power can she endure until the end of time, never turning from her mission to bring the whole of mankind (yes, the whole of mankind) to a credal knowledge and credal love of Christ the Lord.

Terrorism is doing its evil work. The Church’s sacred buildings may be butchered and vandalized but her apostolic ministry will continue. The sacraments will always be celebrated and received, even if under increasing persecution. The Church may end up where she started, back in the catacombs, but she will survive. The Temple fell, never to be rebuilt. God’s Holy Church will stand for ever, Militant in this world, Triumphant in the world to come.

As the liturgical year comes to its end we hear again our Lord’s world-shaking prophecy. His words foretell and confirm our distressing apprehension that the pillars which support heaven and earth are indeed starting to tremble, again.

What He warned us of is coming true, again. All around the globe we see evidence of malice and chaos: diabolical wars being waged between nations, and an increasingly purposeful persecution of the Christian religion and its adherents.

The enemies of Christ are assaulting the walls of His Church. And if that were not enough, even within the Church herself, blurred vision and confusion are being touted by some as though they were insights worthy of respect and acceptance.

When the Lord returns in glory, all ambiguity will be fully clarified, all fudge finally dissolved.

Are we faithful and clear, or are we blurred and confused?