Each year at the Birmingham Oratory on the feast of the Assumption we entrust ourselves to our Blessed Lady.

O Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of Heaven and Mother of the Oratory, behold us now, your devoted sons, gathered in prayer before your image. Today we once again entrust to you our Congregation, this Oratory, our house, our home. We wish to belong entirely to you, O heavenly Queen and kindest Mother. We ask that by your glorious intercession you will bring us ever closer to your divine Son.

We beseech you to obtain for us all the graces that we need for our salvation. Help us to grow in faith, and hope, and charity. Help us to serve your Son ever more faithfully, in the spirit of our Glorious Patriarch, Saint Philip Neri, Apostle of Rome. United in our love for God, in our devotion to you, and in charity towards each other, may we daily grow in holiness, for God’s greater glory, and the good of all His People.

Most Blessed Virgin, we entrust all our needs and all our endeavours to you, now and in the future. We place ourselves unreservedly under your protection, confident that you will prosper any good that we try to do for the love of your Son. Pray for us your children, so that at the last we may be found worthy to behold the vision of God’s glory, and share with you that joy and peace which your divine Son has prepared for those that truly love Him; O clement, O loving, O sweet Virgin Mary.