This Brotherhood was founded by St. Philip Neri for men living in the world, to enable them by prayer and other spiritual exercises to sanctify their lives. All men are invited to attend, even though they be not members of the Brotherhood. In addition to the weekly exercises, the Brothers organise day trips, Musical Oratories, dinners in Advent and Shrovetide, an annual Requiem Mass for departed Brothers, and a summer garden party at Rednal. For further details, please contact the Father Prefect:

Sunday afternoons, Devotions and Sermon at 3.15 in the Little Oratory (J.H.N. Shrine), followed by tea.


The Women’s Oratory is for women aged 18 and over. The meetings last about 90 minutes and include a spiritual talk, prayer and discussion. Previous subjects include: the Shroud of Turin, private revelation, recollection, Advent, Epiphany, getting the most out of Confession, heaven and hell, the angels, Sacred Scripture and the history of the Popes. For more information, please contact the Father Prefect:

Alternate Fridays, 3pm in the Oratory House (present schedule – see Newsletter for confirmed dates).

JUNIOR ORATORY (ages 4-11)

The Junior Oratory is for children between 4 and 11 years of age. Oratory begins with prayers, hymns, and a story from the life of St. Philip Neri. We then spend time learning more about our holy Faith, followed by activities, refreshments, and games. Prefect: Fr. Anton.

Alternate Saturdays, 2.30 to 4pm in the Lower Cloister Hall.

YOUTH ORATORY (ages 13-17)

For youth of school age, this group meets monthly for a talk, common prayer, and socialising. This group is ideally, though not exclusively, for those who have received the Sacrament of Confirmation. For further details, please contact Br. Edmund.

Saturdays once a month, 3.30pm in the Lower Cloister Hall (as advertised in the Newsletter)


For Catholic men and women from the ages of 18 to 35, meetings normally include a talk, prayers, and a social outing. On some occasions, the group will meet elsewhere for a spiritually or socially themed meeting. For further details, please contact F. David or Br. Edmund.

Saturdays once a month, 3pm in the Lower Cloister Hall (as advertised in the Newsletter).


The Bible Study group meets weekly for two talks on Holy Scripture, one normally relating to the readings at Mass and the other addressing a wider theme, with an opportunity for questions. All are welcome – please bring a Bible (any version). For information or to be added to the mailing list, please contact Prefect: The Father.

Saturdays, 12 noon in the Upper Cloister Hall.


An opportunity to deepen our knowledge of the Faith, with weekly talks on doctrine and the sacred liturgy. All are welcome.

Sundays, 12.15 in the Upper Cloister Hall (see Newsletter to confirm).


The SVP works to help the lonely, the sick, the aged, and the deprived. Please contact

Alternate Thursdays, 8pm in the Oratory House (as advertised in the Newsletter).


The local Praesidium of the Legion of Mary, whose apostolate includes door-to-door calling and prayer for the lapsed.

Mondays, 7pm in the Oratory House.