On the 15th August 2001, a man suffering from a crippling spinal disorder was instantaneously and inexplicably freed from all pain. Suddenly he was able to get out of bed, to stand upright, to walk, and to live normally.

Jack Sullivan had been a long-serving court magistrate for Plymouth District Court, Massachussets, USA. He then started to train as a permanent deacon. His studies were being impeded by his spinal disability. The prognosis was that he might well end-up paralyzed. In hospital he invoked Cardinal Newman, asking his help so that he could complete his studies and be ordained. Thanks to a miracle of healing, Jack Sullivan was able to complete his training and was subsequently ordained as a Catholic deacon.

This case was carefully documented and investigated by the Holy See, and nine years after the miracle had occurred, John Henry Newman was beatified by Pope Benedict XVI, in Birmingham, on 19th September 2010.

We are now praying that through Blessed John Henry’s intercession in heaven God will work a further miracle, and that he will then be officially numbered among the canonized saints.

We also pray that he will be proclaimed a Doctor of the Church.

If you have received any special graces or favours from heaven which you believe to have been granted as a result of Blessed John Henry Newman’s intercession, we would be pleased to hear about them.  Please use this email address: