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James and John were exasperated when a Samaritan village rejected  Christ. They wanted to respond by calling down fire from heaven. The Lord rebuked them for their impetuosity (Lk.9:51-62). Later, their impulsive suggestion was strangely fulfilled, but in a way they could not possibly have imagined. What they had previously asked for is what actually happened on the day of Pentecost. Fire came from heaven. At Pentecost the Holy Spirit came down in what looked like tongues of flame and with the power of a mighty rushing wind. That fire from heaven launched the Church on its mission of evangelizing ...

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St John Fisher and St Thomas More gave their lives rather than betray their Catholic faith. They were martyred for their belief that the Catholic Church is the Church Christ founded, and therefore no secular or royal power on earth can replace the universal authority given by God to the Holy Father, the Bishop of Rome, over that Church and all its members. King Henry VIII tried to claim for himself supreme authority over the Catholic Church in England, because of his dispute with the Pope who was refusing to allow him to divorce and remarry. The Act of Parliament ...

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Simon the Pharisee invited the Lord to dine with him. At such banquets the guests would leave their sandals at the door as they came in, and then reclined to eat, lying on low couches with their feet stretched out behind them. Visitors both invited and uninvited would come in through the open door of the house. Only the invited guests would then stretch out to eat and drink. Among the uninvited it was not unusual even for beggars to creep in, hoping to scavenge some scraps of food left by the gentry. The woman “with a bad name” could ...

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Widow of Nain


Christ’s teachings open up the path to spiritual fulfilment and holiness, and by His divine power He does even more. At His hands even the tyranny of physical death is overcome. In the town of Nain He gave us a sign of that promise when He saw the only son of a widow being carried out for burial. The compassion of Christ’s Sacred Heart was stirred and He restored the dead son to life. In serious illness, whether physical or mental, the sacrament of the sick is one of the ways in which Christ touches our soul to strengthen us ...

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